How It Works - Atmospheric Water Solutions

The AquaBoy® Pro II is a luxury appliance that uses a 7-stage EZ-filter  process that first draws in air through the HEPA air filter which eliminates micro particles and dust from entering the appliance.

The water vapor in the filtered air then comes into contact with the stainless steel coils that have been cooled down using a compressor and coolant, converting the vapor into its liquid form through the condensation process.  The water drips into an ABS thermopolastic water tray and then flows into a stainless steel lower tank that contains a UV lamp to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms.

Using state-of-the-art micro pumps, the water is then pumped through the remaining filters, including a sediment filter that eliminates particles over 5 microns in diameter, a pre-carbon filter containing activated carbon and coconut shell to polish the water, an ultra fine membrane filter that eliminates particles as small as .01 microns in diameter, followed by a post-carbon filter to further polish the water.

The water then flows into a stainless steel upper tank containing a second UV lamp to ensure there are no bacteria or microorganisms left in the water.  Within the upper stainless steel reservoir, there are two stainless steel tanks.  One of these tanks heats the purified water to 180°F, while the other chills the water to 44°F.